Life Ionizers: My Anti-Aging Antioxidant Miracle

Imagine, having your own personal fountain of youth, where a simple glass of water leaves you feeling refreshed, vital, and alive. That’s how I felt after trying alkaline water from my Life Ionizer. I bought it to treat my gastro-intestinal reflux, and It worked miraculously. My reflux is gone, I no longer have to take reflux meds. But that’s not all: Suddenly, I had so much energy, it just felt so good to be alive! Do you know how some things make you feel like dancing? That is what I felt when I started drinking the alkaline water from my Life Ionizers, I’ve felt better than I have in years!

Alkaline water helps Anti-Aging

The Amazing Power of Antioxidant Alkaline Water

My newfound energy was such a surprise, I wondered how a simple glass of water could make such a huge difference in the way I feel. What I didn’t know when I bought my Life Ionizer, was that there are two benefits to drinking alkaline water: Alkalinity, which helps you beat back acidic diseases like gastro intestinal reflux, and something called Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP), which makes alkaline water into an antioxidant.

When I bought my Life Ionizer, I got it because it could make alkaline water with a higher pH than any other ionizer I looked at. My naturopath recommended high pH alkaline water to beat my gastro intestinal reflux. I didn’t realize at the time was that the machine I was buying also had the highest antioxidant ORP of any ionizer on the market today. It turns out, the antioxidant ORP of an ionizer matters, because that’s where the anti-aging magic comes from.

My Life Water Ionizer: The Next Generation M-13

The Life Ionizer I chose is their Next Generation Life water ionizer M-13. I was impressed that it’s the only ionizer that water ionizer review sites say could reach a pH of 12. I tested my M-13, and can attest to that pH level, mine actually got to a pH of 12.2.

The antioxidant ORP power of the Life M-13 is listed as -900 millivolts. The antioxidant power of alkaline water is measured in volts, because it’s actual electricity! No wonder you feel charged up when you drink it! What you want in your alkaline water is a negative ORP electrical charge, because that makes it an antioxidant. If your water has a positive ORP, it can actually oxidize you, which contributes to aging. The negative electrical charge works as an antioxidant, because oxidation happens when harmful free radicals steal electrons from tissues and DNA.

Your body actually runs on electricity, so it’s literally getting a charge from the negative ORP electrical charge in alkaline water. That explains the burst of energy you feel after drinking a glass of antioxidant alkaline water! I’d recommend a LIFE Ionizer to anybody that could use some extra energy and vitality in their day.

Top 4 Alkaline Water Scams, and How to Avoid Them

The Kangen Water Machine is sold based on the claim that it “restructures” water, and makes hexagonal water molecule cluster that are smaller and easier to absorb than the water from other water ionizers. Kangen sales representatives use that claim to justify the high price of the Kangen Water machine, claiming that their machine does this better than any other. But does the Kangen Machine really make small water molecule clusters? No. There is no such thing as a water molecule cluster. Microclustering is an alkaline water scam used to bilk consumers out of thousands of dollars on overpriced machines. Microclustering is just one of four common alkaline water scams that you need to look out for when shopping for a water ionizer.

1. FDA Approved Plastics Scam

Much adieu about nothing: Some water ionizer companies claim that their ionizers are safer because they’re made with “FDA approved plastics”, which is a fancy term for food grade plastic. But the fact is, all water ionizers are made with FDA approved plastics – it’s the law. Even with FDA approval, there’s still some chemicals that can come from plastic – such as BPA. The FDA allows BPA to be used in food grade plastics.

FDA approved is not BPA free: The only truly safer plastic is BPA free plastic. When shopping for an ionizer, if you want to ensure that the plastics are safe, you should ask if the machine is made with 100% BPA free plastic.

2. Fake Lead Free Certification

Another common alkaline water scam is fake water ionizer certifications. The most common faked certification is WQA Gold Seal certification. WQA Gold Seal certifies that a product is 100% lead free. This scam is common among cheap, chinese-made water ionizers because WQA Gold Seal certification is expensive, and China has a real problem with lead-tainted products. Severe pollution in China from coal burning has lead to widespread contamination of foods, medicines, and other products.

Avoid Chinese-made water ionizers: Quality water ionizers are made in Korea and Japan, both countries have certification programs because water ionizers are used as medical devices. China does not have water ionizer certification programs, so there is no guarantee that chinese-made ionizers meet health standards.

3. “Dump and Run” Water Ionizer Companies

An all too common scam is companies that buy cheap, low quality water ionizers from China or Taiwan, put their own name on the ionizer, and then turn around and sell it to you at a huge markup. These companies typically undercut established brands on price, sell a bunch of low quality ionizer, and then when the customer complaints start to catch up to them, they close up shop and disappear.

Stick with established brands: Look for a brand that has been sold for at least 5 years. The best way to check is to go to the manufacturers website and see how long they have been in business. For example, the two companies that have been in business the longest in the US are Life Ionizers and Enagic. By buying established brands like these, you can be sure that the company you bought your ionizer from isn’t going to suddenly disappear if you have a problem with your ionizer.

4. The Artificial Alkaline Water Scam

The fourth alkaline water scam is a relatively new one. Some unscrupulous companies are claiming that water ionizers make “artificially alkaline water” and that it’s harmful to drink artificial alkaline water. The claim is an outright lie.

Artificial alkaline water is made by public water treatment plants when public drinking water is too acidic. The EPA requires that drinking water have a pH of at least 6.5, if it’s lower than that, a water utility will add slaked lime to water to raise its pH. In fact, if you live on the East Coast, it likely that the water coming out of your tap is artificial alkaline water. There is nothing wrong with treating acidic water this way, in fact it makes water supplies safer because acidic water corrodes pipes, and picks up toxins (think: Flint, Michigan). Water treatment plants in the US have been making acidic water artificially alkaline since the 1880’s. Slaked lime is a calcium compound, so it adds nutritious calcium to water.

Avoid companies that claim artificial alkaline water is bad for you: Companies that make this claim typically are selling a drinking water machine other than a water ionizer. They’re simply trying to scare you into buying their products.

Use Common Sense to avoid Alkaline Water Scams

If a company is making claims that seem too good to be true, they probably are. If you’re not sure about a health claim about alkaline water, ask the company to provide you with studies that back that claim up. Avoid doing business with companies that don’t sell established brands of water ionizer, so you don’t get stuck with junk. Read up about the science that a company claims about their product. If you find lots of skepticism about a particular claim, you should avoid doing business with that company.

2014 Life Water Ionizer Reviews – CONSUMER REPORTS

In 2014, Life Ionizers , the leader in ionizer technology, came out with an all new product line – the new 2014 Life Ionizers M-Series Next Generation water ionizers. These are produced in our new WQA and ISO Certified factory. These new alkaline water machines are very different than Life’s old models: They have larger plates, more power, and much higher flow rates than Life’s old models. That’s a problem if you’re looking for Life Ionizer reviews, since nearly every review you can find on the internet is seriously out of date. The best place to find current consumer reports – besides the ones on Life Ionizer’s website – is on Amazon.

Life Ionizer customer trades up

M9 Next Generation Under Counter Water Life Ionizer (2014)

M9 Next Generation Under Counter

The review that people searching on Amazon found most helpful comes from a customer who owned one of Life’s old models, a Life 9200, and decided to trade up to Life’s new M9. They compared the M9 to their old 9200, and found that it had a much higher flow rate and reached higher pH and ORP values:

“This new M9 flows a lot faster than my old machine, It fills a glass of water a lot faster. The pH levels it can reach are actually higher than my old machine, I’m amazed, it fills a glass faster and makes stronger alkaline water.”

The M9 has a lot more power than the 9200 (504 watts vs. 386 watts) so it’s not surprising to see that the M9 makes better alkaline water, and makes it faster.

LIFE Ionizers customer service gets high marks

Another recent Life customer appreciated Life’s customer service. The customer liked the fact that Life went out of it’s way to resolve problems and gave them personal attention:

“James was most excellent to work with and very helpful. I had some problems and overcharges that he took care of right away and with a smile. Made the whole thing very pleasant. And refunded the overcharges right away. Thank you very much James.”

Since 2013, Life Ionizers has really stepped up it’s game. CEO Rick H Cabados announced that Life Ionizers was going to be the #1 water ionizer company for customer service, and it’s clear that Life is following through. In fact, so far in 2014, every consumer review of Life’s new M-Series has been positive.

Energized by Life Ionizers

The most common comment from new Life Ionizer customers is about how the water from their ionizer makes them feel energized. Dianne Powers had this to say:

“I purchased an M9 UC (didn’t know Amazon even carried this!) and this REALLY works!!! Both my husband and I are recently retired and this has given us more energy and stamina. I HIGHLY recommend this.”

Clearly, this is the best kind of review of the new M-Series. After all, you’re buying a water ionizer to help you – among other things – feel better.

Goodbye Miralax!

Ken Fuehrer bought his LIFE M9 almost a year ago, so he got one of these new machines shortly after they came out. He recommends the Life M9 for superior hydration:

“I’ve been drinking alkaline ionized water from this unit for about a year. Before drinking this water, my doctor had me taking Miralax, but the alkaline water absorbs into my system much faster so I don’t need the Miralax anymore. If anyone is having any kind of hydration problem, I would highly recommend this unit. It works for me. The unit is easy to set up and requires little to no maintenance.”

The fact that people feel better after drinking the water from a Life Ionizer, and may actually be able to gain freedom from taking daily medication speaks volumes about Life’s new M-Series. The most important information about any water ionizer is how the water makes you feel, and Life customers clearly like how the water from their ionizers is making them feel.

The Future of Clean Water

The last customer review of LIFE’s new M-Series comes from David Riewald, who was impressed by the fit and finish of the M9, as well as it’s futuristic faucet control:

“I’ve had my M9 ionizer for a few months now and couldn’t be more pleased. We drink so much more water now that we know we’re getting the best. The ionizer fits nicely under the sink, and the faucet design is sleek and simple to understand. Cant help but feel a bit futuristic hearing your faucet talk as you fill up your glass. Our water tastes better, and I feel that there is no wiser investment than safe and clean water for my family.”

LIFE Water Ionizer Reviews – It’s a whole new ball game

The Life M-Series has been out on Amazon for less than a year, and in that time all the reviews have been positive. Combined with the reviews Life Ionizers publishes themselves on their website, and it’s clear that the new M-Series are being very well received by customers.

The missing Life Ionizer reviews

What is missing from most water ionizer “review” sites are reviews of Life’s M-Series. It’s strange because the M-Series are completely new models by one of the largest water ionizer companies in the market today. Why aren’t all these “review” sites reviewing these new ionizers? In fact, most of the Life Ionizer reviews you read are of Life’s old 7500 water ionizer – which has been out of production for over 5 years. You have to ask yourself: “What are these water ionizer review sites scared of?” Isn’t it their job to review new water ionizers?

LIFE Ionizer Scam Alert from Richard Mills – How True?

Update: Richard Mills took his own life shortly after releasing his video. Clear Water Networks wishes to express our deepest condolences to his family.

LIFE Ionizer Scam Alert from Richard Mills was a fake Scam video Posted by Richard Mills in his Video Channel.

Richard Mills was associated with a Water Ionizer Company called as Air Water LIFE.
Richard  tried to defame  LIFE Ionizers after the company accused him of trademark infringement in an attempt to save his company‘Air Water LIFE ionizers’. Note how similar the company name is to LIFE Ionizers.

Mills attempted to scam the public by posting 5 Stars Feedback for his Air Water LIFE ionizers, and tried negative marketing tactics to harm LIFE Ionizers Mills “reviewed” several different brands of ionizer, but he never posted any 5 star feedback for any other water ionizer brand as well..

Why did Richard Mills attack LIFE Ionizers?

What was strange about the attack, is that Mills named his company after LIFE Ionizers. He was trying to piggyback on LIFE’s excellent reputation.  LIFE Ionizers is one of the largest and oldest distributors and manufacturers of water ionizer in the World today.  LIFE Ionizers is the second largest water ionizer company in the World and they sell everything from home units up to industrial ionizers for water bottling plants. Here are some Screenshots where Richard Mills posted negative feedback about LIFE Ionizers.

LIFE Ionizer Scam Alert from Richard Mills

Biased 5 Stars Feedback for Air Water LIFE from Richard Mills

Air Water LIFE from Richard Mills

BEWARE of these kind of BIASED /Fake Reviews

One thing is very clear: Richard Mills was a deeply troubled man, so much so that he took his own life. It was very strange that Mr. Mills first tried to steal LIFE’s trademarked name, and then turned around and tried to drag that name through the mud. We can only hope that Richard is in a better place now.