Life Ionizers: My Anti-Aging Antioxidant Miracle

Imagine, having your own personal fountain of youth, where a simple glass of water leaves you feeling refreshed, vital, and alive. That’s how I felt after trying alkaline water from my Life Ionizer. I bought it to treat my gastro-intestinal reflux, and It worked miraculously. My reflux is gone, I no longer have to take reflux meds. But that’s not all: Suddenly, I had so much energy, it just felt so good to be alive! Do you know how some things make you feel like dancing? That is what I felt when I started drinking the alkaline water from my Life Ionizers, I’ve felt better than I have in years!

Alkaline water helps Anti-Aging

The Amazing Power of Antioxidant Alkaline Water

My newfound energy was such a surprise, I wondered how a simple glass of water could make such a huge difference in the way I feel. What I didn’t know when I bought my Life Ionizer, was that there are two benefits to drinking alkaline water: Alkalinity, which helps you beat back acidic diseases like gastro intestinal reflux, and something called Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP), which makes alkaline water into an antioxidant.

When I bought my Life Ionizer, I got it because it could make alkaline water with a higher pH than any other ionizer I looked at. My naturopath recommended high pH alkaline water to beat my gastro intestinal reflux. I didn’t realize at the time was that the machine I was buying also had the highest antioxidant ORP of any ionizer on the market today. It turns out, the antioxidant ORP of an ionizer matters, because that’s where the anti-aging magic comes from.

My Life Water Ionizer: The Next Generation M-13

The Life Ionizer I chose is their Next Generation Life water ionizer M-13. I was impressed that it’s the only ionizer that water ionizer review sites say could reach a pH of 12. I tested my M-13, and can attest to that pH level, mine actually got to a pH of 12.2.

The antioxidant ORP power of the Life M-13 is listed as -900 millivolts. The antioxidant power of alkaline water is measured in volts, because it’s actual electricity! No wonder you feel charged up when you drink it! What you want in your alkaline water is a negative ORP electrical charge, because that makes it an antioxidant. If your water has a positive ORP, it can actually oxidize you, which contributes to aging. The negative electrical charge works as an antioxidant, because oxidation happens when harmful free radicals steal electrons from tissues and DNA.

Your body actually runs on electricity, so it’s literally getting a charge from the negative ORP electrical charge in alkaline water. That explains the burst of energy you feel after drinking a glass of antioxidant alkaline water! I’d recommend a LIFE Ionizer to anybody that could use some extra energy and vitality in their day.